Nice To Meet You

Anxious Potatoes Co was born in the lovely city of Seattle Washington. We strive to create high quality vegan t-shirts at an affordable price. All of our t-shirts are hand drawn, and printed 100% sweat shop free. One of our main goals, besides spreading awareness about veganism and animal rights; is to put an end to the fast fashion industry, and produce products that are sustainable and ethical. 

About our name; When brainstorming I wanted something that would not only represent me (Lyndsey) but also to be memorable. I have struggled with anxiety off and on over the years which lead me eventually down the road of a vegan lifestyle. It completely changed me. It made me feel vibrant and alive. Channeling my new found passion into every day life helped keep my mind away from my own negative thoughts. That was then transformed into spreading awareness and exploring more into veganism and growing into my true self. Getting into a healthier and more active lifestyle brought so much happiness and a sense of self worth into my life. It is easily the greatest decision I've made thus far in life.

Moving forward and creating this company I named my company Anxious Potatoes Co because of my battle with anxiety, and well to be quite honest potatoes are my favorite food. My hope with this company is to continue to spread awareness and to share my creative side with the world. I truly hope you enjoy any product from Anxious Potatoes Co, because a lot of love and hard work went into making it.